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Trinity air is accompany that provides a whole range of comprehensive services relating to aircraft spares and services for civil aviation. Trinity air, as the name suggest, is headed by 3 directors who have formed a team specializing in marketing finance & supply chain management. Trinity Air also employs professionals and senior consultants who have been in the business of managing aircraft spares and services for many years. Understanding the need for speed in this particular field of business, Trinity air has a very competent team to deliver the right spares at the right place in the least possible time. Our services include finding the best quotes from the supplier / manufacturers importing the same with due certifications and clearance from customs and the logistics support team to deliver the spares with the minimum lead time. Trinity Air has a wide range of customers who are satisfied with the product support that Trinity Air has brought and has actually set a new bench mark in this trade. Please feel free to send your queries if any or any other information regarding our services. Please do fill up your contact details in our contact form and one of our representative will call you shortly to understand your needs.

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After locating an aircraft spare and getting the right quote. after consultation with our customer our next step is to ensure that the aircraft spare is handle safely and speed is not compromised. We have tie-ups with reputed international freight forwarder companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS which help us in tracking your spares and clearing them speedily from customs to ensure the availability of the spares at the earliest.

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